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Kosta Karakashyan
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Kosta Karakashyan is a director, choreographer, and dancer investigating how to nurture empathy and tenderness through dance, film, and education.

Kosta is a Columbia University graduate, who choreographed for the „Columbia Ballet Collaborative“ and „Dancing With the Stars“ Vietnam. He is a two-time Bulgarian National Ballroom Champion with choreography experience from 4 continents.

Under his creative production studio „Studio Karakashyan“ recent works include directing music videos for artists Acrillics and Matt DeLuca and the documentary dance film „WAITING FOR COLOR“

During our conference #EscapingTheVoid, Kosta will use his lifetime of experience in dance to explore the theme of human connection and interdependency in the process of performing.

Karina Khristich
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Karina Khristich is an AUBG alumna and a successful business development specialist at Tech Tour.

Originally from Kazakhstan, Karina works with entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, and corporations in the health tech sector. Karina has contributed to the organization of the Central European Startup Awards, ABLE Activator, Healthtech Summit, Digital Health Venture Forum, and Italian Healthcare Venture Forum.

Being a director of the AUBG Alumni Association - AAA, Karina maintains an active lifestyle and derives joy from the small things in life. During our online conference “Escaping The Void”.

Karina will explore the complexity of success framed by the prism of one’s struggles together with Karina.

Hristo Petkov
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Hristo Petkov, aka Risto, is one of the driving forces behind the Bulgarian snowboard scene, and the founder of the cult brand Stinky Socks.

Risto is a Bulgarian entrepreneur, advertiser, and producer whose passion for snowboarding and active lifestyle inspired a multinational community of like-minded people, and put Bulgaria on the map for the global snowboarding industry.

He was a finalist at Next Generation Leader 2017, and his life is a perfect combination of business, sports, and culture.

During our online conference “Escaping The Void”, Hristo Petkov will share with us the link between success and the power of an outsider” frame of mind.


Roberta Tihomirova

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Desislava Manova


Sviatoslav Hryhorenko

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