Dalina Buzi
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Dalina is a founder of Albania’s most-read fashion and lifestyle magazine “Anabel”, producer of the web-series show "Hostel by Anabel”, and creator and co-producer of the teen-drama series $NOB.

Being one of the most innovative minds in Albanian media, she is recognized as a trendsetter with over 15 years of experience in television, press, and online media.

Dalina Buzi is going to talk about how she discovered the right path to success in a place where the journey is more challenging than usual.

Iva Gumnishka
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A Bulgarian social entrepreneur and founder of Humans in the Loop, Iva has been named Forbes 30 under 30 and European Young Leader.

Humans in the Loop provides refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrants with work opportunities. Until now, it has enabled over 500 individuals to obtain computer literacy and earn money through digital remote jobs.

Stoyan Yankov
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After pursuing his master’s degree in finance in Denmark, he found himself drawn towards the world of cinema as a producer before finding a new calling. He wanted to share his experiences with others and began to devote himself to being a professional speaker and productivity and performance coach.

Stoyan has now coached over 300 companies and presented in over 30 countries.

Through various channels, Stoyan strives to spread the proven methods and tools it takes to collectively utilize the power of productivity and boost organizations’ team cultures.


Yenlik O'Neill

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Stanislava Ovcharova


Marina Marinova


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